Dog and Cat License

Animal License


Every person owning or having in his charge or possession within the corporate limits of the city any dog or cat four months or more of age shall register such dog or cat with the city clerk and pay the license fees; however, that the requirements for payment of a license fee for registration of dogs shall not apply to any dog or cat which may follow or be led by any nonresident or traveler through the city while such dog or cat is with its owner or keeper. 

  • No dog or cat may be licensed unless the owner submits a certificate as specified under this article that the animal has a currently valid rabies vaccine.
  • Upon registration there shall be delivered to the owner metallic tags stamped with the license number and the year in which issued. Such tags shall at all times be attached to the collars or harnesses worn by the dog for which the certificate was issued. If such tag is lost or destroyed, the owner shall apply in writing or in person for a new tag by presentation of the applicable registration ticket accompanied by a fee in such amount as established by resolution of the city council.

Registration & License of Individual Dogs or Cats

What is required

How to Register

  • Mail  the items above to the City of Bixby at P.O. Box 7O, Bixby, OK, 74008 with a check or Money order. 
  • Or deliver the required documents in person at the Bixby City Hall located at 116 W Needles Avenue
    Bixby, OK 74008


The license shall expire and must be renewed annually on the last day of that month in which the last valid rabies vaccine was administered except, in cases of a three (3) year immunity, the license shall expire and must be renewed annually on the last day of the month in which the vaccine was originally administered. The fee is then raised to $9.00. 


Dogs trained to guide any blind person and actually used for that purpose or any police dog owned by the police department and utilized for police duties or activities shall be licensed as provided herein but their owners shall be exempt from paying the fee.