Code Enforcement

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Reporting a Violation 


Citizens can file a complaint with the Code Enforcement Complaint Form. The report will be filed with the Code Enforcement Officer and contact will be made as required. 

By Mail or Drop off Service

Citizens may also download our Code Enforcement Complaint Form (PDF). Once the Citizen completes the form they have the option of turning it in person at the Bixby Police Department or sending it by Mail. The address for Bixby Police Department’s is 116 W. Needles Ave., Bixby, OK 74008. If a Citizen chooses to mail the completed form, please put the Name as Bixby Police Department and mark it to the attention of Code Enforcement.

Not Considered Code Enforcement Nuisances

The instances listed below are not code enforcement nuisances by ordinance, and citizens should contact the Bixby Police non-emergency number 918-366-8294 to issue complaints:

  • All types of on-street parking violations.  This does not change based on the type of vehicle or type of complaint.  Examples would be but are not limited to trailers, overnight parking, abandoned vehicles on roadway and vehicles parked on the street without a current license plate.
  • All types of noise complaints. Please, immediately contact the Bixby Police Department while the noise is occurring at 918-366-8294 to report this type of complaint issue.  For some instances, the Bixby Police Department Patrol Division has specialized equipment to record and evaluate excessive or nuisance noises.
  • All types of complaints dealing with any type of Animal.  The Bixby Animal Control Officer is an officer of the Police Department and complaints should directed to that office.