South West Area Tactical Team


The South West Area Tactical Team is our multi-jurisdictional SWAT team which is a cooperative effort between the cities of Sand Springs, Sapulpa and Bixby. This team serves to protect these communities in situations such as hostage, armed and barricaded, suicidal subjects, dignitary protection as well as high risk warrant service. Our team protects over 65,000 people and stands ready to respond at all times.

When the team responds to each jurisdiction, it is under the command and control of the Chief of Police or his designee for the city being responded to. This in effect gives each community a fully equipped SWAT Team with manpower and equipment. If left for each community to provide this service on their own, it may not be possible, or may not be done to satisfactory standards.

South West Area Tactical Team Patch
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Team Details

The team is comprised of approximately 25 SWAT operators, 10 crisis negotiators and two dispatchers. All tactical operators and crisis negotiators are full time sworn law enforcement officers. The team also has the benefit of the presence of a physician, EMT as well as a mental health professional to advise and assist with medical situations that may arise.

The team has a command vehicle, armored truck and a crisis negotiations trailer to help handle all of the special needs of the team. Special weapons and equipment are on hand to help the team handle even some of the most demanding of tactical situations.

The officers on this team are not given extra compensation for their efforts, but do so out of a sense of duty to protect our communities.