Jail Facility

Facility Background

The Bixby Jail is capable of holding up to 8 inmate. The Bixby Jail is a “Lockup Facility.” Oklahoma State Department of Health, Jail Inspection Division defines a lockup facility as a facility that may hold a person no longer than 10 days. The Bixby Jail is capable of holding up to 8 inmates. After 48 hours all inmates are provided a shower and issued jail clothes along with jail issued toiletries. Inmates are not allowed outside food or drinks, receive phone calls or possess inappropriate reading material.


Notice, all visitors are subject to search.


  • Visiting hours for inmates are between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. for a total of 5 minutes. The inmate is allowed one visitor a day who is a family member. The visitor may have to wait, and there is always the possibility that the officer/jailer will not be able to facilitate visitation should they be extremely busy.
    • Visitor’s Rules:
      • You must be a family member or clergy.
      • You must be over eighteen years of age.
      • You will have to sign in and provide picture identification.
      • You may be searched.
      • You are not allowed to make physical contact with the prisoner.
      • It is an offense to introduce contraband into a jail. Should you be caught attempting to do so you will be charged with the offense and jailed


  • Detainee will have confidential access to an attorney; Interviews will not be limited in time except in consideration of other detainee’s rights and/or immediate workload of Police Department staff; Must have on their person:
    • Current Oklahoma Bar Association Card
    • State Issued Picture Identification Card

Bonding Options

  • Cash Only Bonds on Warrants
    • Exact Change (Personnel cannot make change)
    • Visa or MasterCard (will not take payments over the phone)
  • Open Charges
    • Exact Change (Personnel cannot make change)
    • Utilize an Authorized Bondsmen (PF)
    • Visa or MasterCard (will not take payments over the phone)

Jail Phones

The Bixby City Jail is currently equipped with phones inside the cells of the prisoners. The phone will only call collect and will be initiated by the inmates. If you wish to receive a collect call on a cellular phone you will have to contact your service provider to setup those arraignments