Safety Tips for Halloween

The Bixby Police Department would like to wish everyone a safe and fun night. We encourage everyone to take a few moments and review the following safety tips, especially with your children, friends and neighbors.

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

For Trick-r-Treaters

  • Always have an adult or mature adult with you while out and about
  • Bring a flashlight or glow stick
  • Carry only flexible knives, swords, or other props
  • Don’t go into strangers’ homes for any reason
  • Make sure your costume doesn’t drag on the ground
  • Stay in your own or a familiar neighborhood
  • Stop only at houses with their lights on
  • Try to add reflective clothing or objects to your attire

For Parents

  • Accompany your children
  • Avoid taking shortcuts in alleys and stay in well lit areas
  • Feed your children before heading out
  • If your child’s costume is common such as super hero character which may be common that year or have a mask, mark it with a colored tape and have your child wear a bracelet so you can identify your child
  • Inspect your child’s candy
  • Plan the route ahead of time
  • When driving, watch for children darting between cars
  • Take a cellular phone or walkie-talkies
  • Take along a first aid kit because the increased foot traffic slows response time from First Responders

For Motorists

  • Drive slower than normal down residential streets
  • Use caution when backing and entering into a driveway
  • When driving, watch for children darting between cars

For Homeowners

  • Keep pets away from children
  • Remove obstacles from your front yard, and clear a pathway for trick-or-treaters to get to your front door
  • Use a glow stick instead of candles on your front porch


  • Call the Bixby Police Department at 918-366-8294 if you observe any suspicious activity.