Vehicle Safety

One of the more frequent crimes reported to the police department is burglary to a vehicle. Sometimes offenders enter a vehicle through an unlocked door or by breaking a window looking for valuables that are left in plain view. Some of the most popular items stolen are loose change, briefcases, cameras, cell phones, global positioning systems units, iPods, purses, radar detectors, and wallets.

Simple Rules are Key

Here are some simple rules that can help deter and protect you from being a victim of this crime.

  • Always park in a well-lighted areas.
  • Check your vehicle's doors are locked prior to going to bed for the night.
  • If you have a garage, use it! If you have to park your vehicle in your driveway overnight, leave on exterior house lights. Good lighting is one of the most efficient & least expensive means of security.
  • Notify the police department of any suspicious people or activities in your neighborhood.
  • Remove and secure all valuables, including garage door opens & electronic accessories. Examples would be GPS units, device window mounting brackets and power cords.
  • When you park your vehicle at home or away, close your windows and lock doors, even if you’re going to be gone for a short time.