Commissioned Officer

Police Officer

  • Starting Salary is $41,500 ($19.95 per hour) plus Competitive Benefits Package.
    • Pay raises to $42,750 ($20.55 per hour) to after successful completion of Oklahoma Council of Law Enforcement Education and Training Academy (CLEET) and Bixby Police Field Training Program. 
  • Applicants must have 60 credit hours from an accredited college
  • Must pass 

Commissioned Officer Employee Benefits

The Benefit Package include but not limited to:

  • Medical and Dental paid for employee, dependent Coverage is available.
  • Life Insurance in the amount of $20,000 paid for employee with additional coverage available on employee and dependents.
  • Vision, Injury, Cancer, Hospitalization, and Critical Care Coverage available for employee and dependents.
  • Retirement through the Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement System (OPPRS). 
    • For more information view the OPPRS website
    • Employees are vested at 10 years of service and normal retirement is at 20 years of service.
  • 2 weeks paid vacation
  • 12 days annual sick leave 
  • Funeral leave
  • 13 paid holidays annually are available. 
  • Periodic Overtime and/or Comp-time are available.
  • Take Home Patrol Vehicle Program for officers is available.
  • Patrol Rifle Program for officers.
  • Clothing Allowance of $650 offered annually.
  • Cleaning Allowance totaling $720 offered annually.
  • Education Incentive Based on degree(s) held for officers.
  • Continuing Education Compensation Assistance opportunities are available.
  • Uniforms, Ballistic Vest, Service Pistol, certain Leather Gear and additional equipment issued upon hiring.