What is Eligibility and Limitations of the Protective Order?
  • Persons who are not related by blood, marriage, or a dating relationship are generally not covered by this law, nor are eligible for a protective order except in the case of stalking or harassment. Former in-laws are sometimes not covered.
  • •Persons who fear potential abuse but have no history of abuse may not be eligible. Children who have not been abused may not be named in the order.
  • •The Protective Order cannot award custody; however, most judges will facilitate an emergency agreement to stabilize children, pending the filing of a divorce.
  • •The judge can facilitate an agreement for supervised visitations if necessary. The Protective Order cannot award financial assistance or child support.
  • It cannot award property. You will want to seek an attorney to help you with long-term dissolution of your relationship.

Information above is referenced from http://www.tulsacountydistrictcourt.org/protectiveorders.html

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