How does registration work?

We ask for routine information in the registration process. First set-up a user name and password. Then enter your address or closest cross-street. Then choose where you want to receive your information, whether by text over your mobile device or e-mail. Add as many locations as you would like at no additional cost. It’s that simple!

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1. What is Nixle?
2. What messages would I receive through Nixle?
3. Do I have to register to use Nixle?
4. How does registration work?
5. Do I have to give my mobile phone number?
6. I am a Sprint user and get a “Message Failed” response when I register using the 888777 shortcode. Why is that?
7. I am a T-Mobile user and get a “Access denied” response when I register using the 888777 shortcode. Why is that?
8. I’m using MetroPCS and when I try to text into 888777, I get the message: To access 888777, dial *611 and upgrade to a plan with shortcodes and alerts. What does this mean?
9. Can anyone track my location by using the system?
10. What do you do with my contact information? Will third parties contact me?
11. Can I enter multiple addresses?
12. Can I use the system while traveling outside the United States?
13. Can I register with an international telephone number?
14. How many SMS (text) messages will I receive in a month?
15. Can I limit the number of SMS (text) messages I receive?
16. How do I know an SMS (text) message I received is real?
17. Can I respond to a message?
18. What if I forgot my password?
19. How do I change my password?
20. Who do I contact for consumer support?
21. How do I unsubscribe?