What is a Protective Order?
  • • A Protective Order is an order of the court on behalf of a victim of domestic violence. It may order the abuser to move out of a home that is shared and/or to stop hurting, threatening, stalking and harassing the victim.
  • • Once the court grants you a protective order against someone, that person has a duty to actively stay away from you.
  • • If you have a Protective Order against your husband/boyfriend this also means he can’t use others to violate the
  • order. This means contact from his mother, dad, siblings, people not named in the order could violate the protective order.
  • • A person who does violate a Protective Order is called a contemnor. Title 22 O.S. Section 60.2

Information above is referenced from http://www.tulsacountydistrictcourt.org/protectiveorders.html

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