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File an Online Report


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Reporting Party's information
  3. 3. Event Information
  4. 4. Vehicles involved
  5. 5. Property Taken or Damaged
  6. 6. Upload Related Images
  7. 7. Upload Related Documents
  8. 8. Official Statement
  9. 9. Submittal of Report
  • Step One

    1. Bixby Badge

    2. Bixby Police Department

      Official Online Report Form

    3. All Non-emergency Report Calls will be handled in the following way until further notice:

    4. 1)Citizens will call into dispatch as normal at 918-366-8294.

    5. 2) An officer will call back and take the necessary information.

    6. 3) The Officer will give the citizen a Bixby Police Report Number prior to the ending of the call.

    7. 4) The officer will direct the citizen to use this online reporting form.

    8. 5) The citizen will submit their written statement and any evidence they can electronically by this means.

    9. Report number will be in a format of 20-###-OF (Offense)

    10. Notice

      Failure to follow the procedure outlined above could cause your online report to be rejected. call 918-366-8294 and an officer will contact you by phone, as soon as possible.