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File an Online Report


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Reporting Party's information
  3. 3. Event Information
  4. 4. Vehicles involved
  5. 5. Property Taken or Damaged
  6. 6. Upload Related Images
  7. 7. Upload Related Documents
  8. 8. Official Statement
  9. 9. Submittal of Report
  • Step One

    1. Bixby Badge
    2. Bixby Police Department
      Official Online Report Form
    3. Notice

      Do Not Report Traffic Collisions/ Motor vehicle Accidents on this form. Call 918-366-8294 and request an officer. 

    4. When to File a Police Report Online

      You should use the Electronic Reporting Form if you are reporting one of the following crimes:

      • Harassing/Threatening/Obscene Phone Calls
      • Larceny of Gasoline
      • Lost Items or Property
      • Other misdemeanor offenses where there is no physical evidence and the suspect is not present
      • Petit Larceny (Less than $500)
      • Vandalism

      Do Not use this form if you are in fear of your life or you think you are in immediate danger.  Call 911 immediately.

    5. When to Not File a Police Report Online

      Do Not use this form if you are in fear of your life or you think you are in immediate danger.  Call 911 immediately.

      Do not use this form if:

      • For Traffic Collisions/ Motor vehicle Accidents. 
      • The crime involves the discharge of a firearm at a person, an occupied building or dwelling.
      • The crime involves domestic violence, violation of a protective order or crimes resulting in physical injuries.
      • The crime involves significant property loss.
      • The crime involves forged documents - including forged checks.
      • There is a present or continuing danger
      • There is physical evidence to be collected.
      • You know where the suspect is, or where he/she resides.
      • Your vehicle has been stolen. Stolen vehicles cannot be reported on this form.
    6. Need Further Assistance

      If the crime does not meet all the criteria above, or if you have a question, call 911 for an emergency or 918-366-8294 for non-emergency to request an officer to be sent to your location. 

    7. What Happens After I File the Report?

      Once the report has been received by the police department, it will be forwarded to an officer that will be in contact with you by phone or email. After which, a copy may be requested from records division.

    8. Notice